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Ranks For The Forum

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Ranks For The Forum

Post  Max on Thu 9 Jul - 10:55:37

Here you will learn all about the ranks on the forum. We are updating them, so we don't have much.

New Toon 0 - 15 Posts
Welcome! You must be new, So we hope you are welcomed and check back a lot!

Trolley Rider 15 - 50 Posts
You are getting in the game! You have started posting and probably know som eof our members by now.

Jellybean Chaser 50 - 100 Posts
You are mostly on here, and have got in the groove. You probably know half of our members by now.

ToonTown Visitor 100 - 200 Posts
You are on here mostly everyday. You probably know more than half of our members and probably get tons of Private Messages! Time to clear out that inbox!

ToonTown Master 200 - More Ranks Will Be Added
You are on here for at least 1 hour a day. Your PM Box is probably about to explode. You probably know all of our members. You should have been here for a while by now.

Sellbot (Currently No Sellbots)
Sellbots are ToonTown Stats event planners. They decide what, when, and how our events will be planned. Some may be bosses, or even bean feasts!

Cashbots are Assistant Moderators of the forum. They moderate certain forums. They are here to help out our Lawbots so their job is not that hard. Members included in this group are: None Currently

Lawbots are the Moderators/Global Moderators of the forum. They're job is too make sure everything is in place and have special powers to Lock, Move, Or Delete threads. And can Edit anyones post if it removes a link that has not been approved or contains bad content. They also have to make sure our members are behaving properly. Members in this group are: Boys Like Ojamajo Doremi, spyke, and Taffioka

Bossbots are the main owners of the forum. They manage everything and also have all the special powers that Lawbots have. They make sure Lawbots, Cashbots, Sellbots, and members are doing the right thing. They also have to make sure everything is running properly such as server issues and de-bugs. Members in this group are: Pinker, Max, and Spring_Toon

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