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True Friends FAQ

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True Friends FAQ

Post  Boys Like Ojamajo Doremi on Fri 17 Jul - 15:45:04

This Is For People That Have Problems With True Friends, Or For People That Need To Know What It Is.

What Is True Friends?

~ True Friends are people that you know in real life, or people that you know really well.

What Does The "True Friends" Option Do?

~ It lets you talk to people in a more "free" kind of way. They let you say everything with any combination of letters and numbers, even signs Very Happy. But be warned, if you say inappropriate words, Disney CAN read what you said, or your friends can report you, so be careful of what you say.

How Do I Get True Friends?

~ First you have to be a member of toontown. Then you have to get parent's permission by giving toontown the needed information, then go to preferences and activate it.

~ Once you've done all of that, you need to get your friend to generate a code, by him clicking on you, or any toon and click True Friends, then click generate code. Once your friend has done that, tell him to tell you the code he generated then type the code into the box and Voila! You have a true friend!

I'm A Member But It's Not Under Preferences!

~ Well, first of all, what kind of membership did you get?
- Paypal, Guest Pass, And Codes From Disney Movie Rewards, Contact Support.
- Credit Card or Other, make sure your parents gave them the information ( credit card, etc. Dont worry, they wont bill you )
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