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[RULES] Jellybean Gift Post

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[RULES] Jellybean Gift Post

Post  Boys Like Ojamajo Doremi on Fri 17 Jul - 16:11:05

Jellybean Gift Post Rules
This place is used for people who REALLY need jellybeans, and for people who are really generous!

1. Don't Abuse The Gift Post! { Don't keep asking alot of times just so you can be the richest toon in the forum. }
2. Be Patient and Polite! { If no one is replying to your post, be patient and be polite by not begging and asking repeatedly and bumping many times. }
3. Don't Make Duplicate Posts! { Also with the patient thing, don't keep posting that you need jellybeans by making a billion topics }
4. Don't Beg! { Don't beg someone for jellybeans, it's very impolite and it can turn ugly... }
5. Don't Ask The Mods Repeatedly! { Meaning, don't ask alot of times for jellybeans from the mods! Just because we have alot, doesn't mean we have to give everyone jellybeans everyday, though I might..... }
Boys Like Ojamajo Doremi
Boys Like Ojamajo Doremi

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