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About Jellybeans

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About Jellybeans

Post  Max on Mon 6 Jul - 20:34:33


How To Get Jellybeans
There are many ways on how to get Jellybeans. But you must NOT ask a Lawbot or BossBot to give you Jellybeans

1. Posting (Please do not spam)
2. Making a Thread
3. Special Dates (Explained Below)

Special Dates

On special dates the BossBots might make it so you get +2 when you post or will just give out Jellybeans just for fun. And other times, we will give them out without letting you know!

Jellybean Forum and Gifting Post

In the Jellybean forum, you can buy things with them such as CUSTOM MEMBER TITLES, ITALISIZED USERNAMES, CHANGE YOUR USERNAME, and lots, lots more! You just post a thread requesting what you want, and the jellybeans will be subtracted from your account! (Also Please tell us the name of the title or name you want.

The Gifting Post is when you can gift jellybeans to your friends. Post a thread of who you want to give them too, and the BossBots will take care of it!

BossBots, Lawbots, Cashbots, and Sellbots

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